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What's the difference between shared and private Java web hosting?

In a private facilitating condition every client is given their own Java server (for our situation Apache-Tomcat 6) with which to run their Servlets Java Server Pages (.jsp) and other Java applications. In a mutual facilitating condition all clients share one Java server.

The primary advantage is in memory portion. In a mutual situation all clients are utilizing a similar memory space. On the off chance that one client has a memory serious application it lessens execution for all clients. In the event that one client has a memory release all clients code flops on that one clients out of memory exemption.

With private Java facilitating every Tomcat server keeps running in its own particular memory space. You have control over what occurs in that space including halting and beginning the server which if accessible at all for the most part requires a work ticket to technical support in a common domain.

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What's the difference between the various amounts of RAM offered?

The default setting for Tomcat is 64MB of RAM. Its the default since it is all that could possibly be needed memory for practically every application. On the off chance that you code legitimately and don't squander memory (i.e. put a whole table into an outcome set as opposed to requesting the lines that you require) you won't require more than 64MB.

Your site may require a bigger store on the off chance that it is exceptionally information serious, for example, in the event that it all the while loads various outcome sets of thousands of columns. In the event that your site gets a high measure of activity (50K+ site visits for each day) to dynamic (JSP or Servlet) content you may likewise require a bigger JVM.

If all else fails we suggest picking the littler JVM - its a two moment settle to expand your memory if need be.

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I see Virtual Private Servers with 64MB of memory for prices similar to yours. What gives?

Those are facilitating organizations with a fascinating comical inclination. When we offer 64MB of RAM its the sum saved for your Tomcat. The majority of alternate uses on the server (beginning with the piece itself and including everything else running) don't tally towards the saved RAM - they're fueled by 2GB of RAM outside of that saved for the Tomcats.

VPS is a holder on a server in which a virtual PC is made. Every client gets their own particular compartment/PC. At the point when a VPS have offers 64MB they are giving 64MB aggregate. Everything that is put onto the virtual server - including the OS - keeps running in that 64MB. Its as though they offer you an auto you go to turn it on it doesn't begin and the sales representative is remaining by the auto saying "Goodness did you need a motor with that?".

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How do I transfer my domain from another server?

Its a simple four step process.
  1. Sign up for Java Web Hosting. At this point your current server will still be serving your content to the public.
  2. Copy and paste two lines from the quick start e-mail that you will receive from us into your computers hosts file. Your computer will now connect to your new server rather than to your old server.
  3. Upload your site to the new server.
  4. Contact your domain name registrar to change your A record so that it points to the new server. Allow 24 to 48 hours for the new record to propagate throughout the Internet and then cancel your old server.

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What if I don't have a domain name?

In the event that your server is for inward utilize just (free not required) utilize your-decision of-name.dom

For your server to be gotten to by the general population requires an area name.

We support (and utilize ourselves) GoDaddy. They have an incredible control board and with the coupon joined to the former connection, they're one the minimum costly enlistment centers accessible. Tap the GoDaddy connection and you'll get a unique rate of $7.49 every year for .com areas for consistently that you purchase on information exchange.

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How many domains and subdomains may we put on our account?

You may put a boundless measure of areas and/or subdomains into your space at no extra charge.

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How much server maintenance do you provide?

Every last bit of it. We see to it that server is secure and that all applications are present. We do an off-site server reinforcement every night. We give finish technical support to the degree that we will help you convey your applications on the off chance that you keep running into trouble. We give a 100% oversaw condition - you require just compose and load your code.

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Will you provide applications other than those listed?

Yes - simply inquire. Inasmuch as the program is open source and is not intended for awful purposes (breaking spamming and so forth.) we will introduce it for you.

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How long will it take to setup my Tomcat server?

The procedure is totally robotized. It for the most part takes in the vicinity of 5 and 15 seconds from the time that you press the catch on the buy shape.

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Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes. On the off chance that for any reason you are disappointed drop inside the initial seven days for a full discount. Likewise please remember that we just charge on a month to month premise - you're never on the snare for more than the present months charge.

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How long do I have to sign up for?

Our arrangements are altogether cited month to month. We don't approach that you agree to accept numerous years to get our best costs.

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How do I access my Tomcat server?

Get to is given by means of control boards and FTPES (FTP over express TLS/SSL). The control boards are program based and we give and bolster a GNU FTPES customer.

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Do you provide SSH access?

SSH is dangerous on a server with Java and more than one client. Java is comprehensible either specifically (JSP) or with decompilers (any class). It is hard to difficult to keep up chroot imprisons particularly when individuals are running code inside their space. Without imprisoning, any client could walk the record framework perusing every other person's code (or on the off chance that somebody were indiscreet with their space, more awful). It's a security chance with which we are not happy.

Rather we've fabricated gadgets that give you finish control over your space and your Tomcat however without the immediate summon line interface. On the off chance that you discover something that you can't do, we'll construct a gadget to deal with the undertaking.

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Can we stop and start Tomcat as often as we would like?

Yes. You have finish control over your Tomcat. There is a gadget that you use to stop, begin, restart or murder your Tomcat.

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How many application contexts are we allowed?

You may keep running the same number of utilizations as you might want.

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Can we use MySQL connection pooling?

You have finish control over your JVM and Tomcat including MySQL associations. We give a JDBC driver to comfort or the pleasure is all mine to stack your own.

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Are PHP and Perl available on the server?

Yes. The most recent variant of all major scripting dialects are incorporated with the server.

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Is HTTPS / SSL available?

Yes. There is an extra $3 every month to pay for the committed IP address and $19.95 every year for the SSL cert.
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Can we setup cron jobs?

Yes. There is a control board for cron employments. You may have the same number of as you like without any limitations on how frequently they may run.

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What if I need tech support?

We offer live technical support 24 hours a day 7 days seven days. Our bolster staff are altogether experienced Tomcat clients and Java developers.

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What are the server specifications?

Our servers run Fedora 10 x86_64 SELinux on an Intel Quad Core framework with 8GB of memory and SATA RAID clusters. Your Tomcat 6 server is behind a virtual host on Apache 2.2 and incorporates a private MySQL database and access to all web processors (perl PHP Apache ASP and so forth.). Other database administration frameworks (PostGreSQL and so on.) and/or any open source server scripts accessible at no charge.
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Do you support Hibernate?

Yes the greater part of our arrangements bolster Hibernate ORM. More data is on our conveying Hibernate on Tomcat page.

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Do you support Struts?

Yes the greater part of our arrangements bolster Apache Struts. More data is on our conveying Struts on Tomcat page.

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Do you support Spring?

Yes the majority of our arrangements bolster Spring. More data is on our sending Spring on Tomcat page.

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Do you support Stripes?

Yes the greater part of our arrangements bolster Stripes. More data is on our conveying Stripes on Tomcat page.

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Do you support Liferay?

Our Tier Three arrangement underpins Liferay. More data is on our conveying Liferay on Tomcat page.

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Do you support Java Server Faces?

The greater part of our arrangements bolster Java Server Faces. More data is on our conveying Java Server Faces on Tomcat 6 page.

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Do you support ICEFaces?

Java Web Hosting underpins ICEfaces in Tier Two or more. A Tier One Tomcat won't keep running with ICEfaces sent. More data is on our sending ICEFaces on Tomcat page.

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Do you support Cocoon?

The majority of our arrangements bolster Apache Cocoon. More data is on our conveying Apache Cocoon on Tomcat 6 page.

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Sounds great, how do I sign up?

Click to sign up for Java Web Hosting.

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My question wasn't answered, what now?

If your question wasn't answered please call us at (800) 450-2750 (US and Canada toll free) or (215) 654-8150 or e-mail

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64MB Dedicated Tomcat 6
$12.95 per month

128MB Dedicated Tomcat 6
$18.95 per month

256MB Dedicated Tomcat 6
$24.95 per month

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