Jira and Confluence Hosting

Jira and Confluence are electronic programming joint effort instruments offered by Atlassian Pty Ltd. They both keep running inside a Java/Tomcat web have holder.

We will introduce and keep up Jira and/or Confluence for you at no extra charge over the cost of the Java/Tomcat facilitating. You can either utilize your facilitating account only for Jira/Confluence or run your site and other web applications close by your Jira/Confluence establishment

The cost of our facilitating is controlled by how much store you require. Either Jira or Confluence alone requires no less than a 512 MB devoted Java load which is $29.95 every month. Stacking both Jira and Confluence requires no less than a 1 GB devoted Java store which is $39.95 every month.

A little impression Java site can more often than not keep running close by the Jira/Confluenece establishment without bringing about issues. (A static or PHP site can simply keep running in an indistinguishable record from it isn't utilizing the Java pile by any means.)

In spite of the fact that not open source, Jira is sensibly evaluated for little groups of 10 or less individuals. At present, Atlassian is putting forth a 10 situate, full utilize, non lapsing permit for $10. More data is on the Jira site

You'll note on the Atlassian site that they are putting forth an "on request" alternative at low month to month costs for ten or less seats. The principle contrasts amongst that and what we are putting forth is:

  • Our facilitating utilizes your space name e.g. wiki.your-site.com while theirs utilizations atlassian.com
  • Our facilitating underpins all modules while theirs does not.
  • Both of our offers are cheap for 10 or less clients yet our own stays modest as you develop. For instance, 25 clients with us is $480 every year while with them it's $1,200 every year
  • Our own is full administration facilitating; theirs is programming as an administration as it were.

To begin, agree to accept 256MB Tomcat facilitating. Once you've joined, reach us and we'll refresh your charging, redesign your stack to the sum required and introduce Jira and/or Confluence for you. (The join naturally makes a committed Java/Tomcat for you. To take no chances, we don't submit more than 256MB for each introduce with the auto-installer.)

For more about us, please visit our Java Web Hosting home page. If you have questions, please click the chat button or contact us.

If you are an existing customer who wants to deploy a Jira on Tomcat 6, please contact tech support.
<p / > 64MB Dedicated Tomcat 6
$12.95 per month

128MB Dedicated Tomcat 6
$18.95 per month

256MB Dedicated Tomcat 6
$24.95 per month

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