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Stripes is an introduction system for creating Java web applications. Its beginning originated from the engineers' disappointment with the measure of design required with Struts. By differentiation, Stripes has a less difficult arrangement technique making it simpler to utilize.

Similarly as with all model-see controller structures, Stripes utilizes a controller to facilitate connection between the back end information (the model) and the front end that individuals see on their screen (the view). Isolating the capacities keeps the code sorted out and less demanding to keep up and permits the visual planners and the Java coders to work to some degree autonomously of each other.

Similarly as with any extra code, there is a cost related with the system itself. The objective of Stripes is to make that cost as low as could reasonably be expected.

Stripes is upheld on the greater part of our Tomcat facilitating plans. To send Stripes on your Tomcat 6 from Java Web Hosting either ensure that your war incorporates the Stripes jugs and config documents before putting it into webapps where it will autodeploy or:

  1. Place your Stripes config files into webapps/WEB-INF.
  2. Place stripes.jar and cos.jar into webapps/WEB-INF/lib.
  3. Place your classes into webapps/WEB-INF/classes.
  4. Place your view files (html, jsp, etc.) into webapps.
  5. Use the control panel to restart your Tomcat.
If you are an existing customer needing assistance with Stripes, please contact tech support. If you are a prospective customer, please visit our Java Web Hosting home page for more information on our hosting plans.

For more information on using Stripes, visit the Stripes How To's.

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256MB Dedicated Tomcat 6
$24.95 per month

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